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The Turkish ney in particular is known for its use in the rites (sema) of the Mevlevi Order of Sufism (as per Rumi). By all rights, this order, known for its famous whirling dervishes, is probably the face of Sufism in the non-Islamic world. Their whirling is often accompanied by the ney and various other instruments. Turkish Music Quarterly -

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A master of the Turkish ney - Craftsmanship Magazine Today’s Turkish ney makers are the first generation to even consider making neys as a full-time job. Now that it is, they have to strike an awkward balance: stay true to a tradition whose origins are anti-commercial, even ascetic, and still make a living. Buy Turkish ney, Arabic nay, Persian ney | Ethnic ... Nay Ney. There are 3 types of ney: Arabic, Turkish and Persian. All of them are made of natural reed and played without a standard mouthpiece. For beginners we recommend to start with Arabic ney in the key of D. When it comes to professional instruments you can find here Ahmed Abdel Ghani‘s Arabic nays, and ‘Adana Ney’ Turkish neys. Rim-blown flutes: Turkish and Iranian neys; the Bulgarian ...

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Zenne oud. The Zenne oud, often translated as a women's oud or female oud is a smaller version of the oud designed for those with smaller hands and fingers. It usually has a scale length of 54-56 cm, instead of the 60-62 cm of the Arabic oud, and the 57-59 cm of the Turkish oud. Art of the Sufis | Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History ... Essay Over the centuries, the spiritual beliefs, rituals, and practices of Sufis (mystical adherents of Islam) have inspired poets and artists to create extraordinary verses and artworks. Sufis have also made important contributions to Islamic art and culture as patrons, artists, builders, and poets. sacred geometry | The Grand Tangent

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